Official Welcome to Crotus Forums!

Greetings all!

Today I'm excited to announce that the new forums are finally ready to launch to the public. As you can see there has been a complete overhaul of the forums along with the rules and application guides.

The future:

As you can see I've started to work on Crotus, this isn't my main project but is something I'll be working on in my spare time. At some point, I will also be opening back up the Minecraft server however, no release date has currently been set. Shortly I will be adding a bans page as well as revamping the store to match this theme. Lastly, Crotus has been taken over by Automating LTD which acquired Molten Studios Limited back in September 2020. It is still owned by Automating/awsomesteve55 as he runs the new company.


If you haven't done so already I recommend joining our discord server as I will be posting leaks of the server as and when they're developed!


Please let us know your opinions on the new theme and if you have suggestions let us know and we will try to implement them.

We hope you enjoy what Crotus has to offer!