Official Official Rules (Updated 26/04/21)

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CROTUS OFFICIAL RULES (updated 26/04/21)

Welcome to the Crotus Official Rules document. This document shows you around the server with things you can and cannot do. Breaking the rules will give you an immediate punishment depending on the severity of the rule-broken. We thank you for taking time out of your day to dedicate to Crotus.


  1. Leaking the personal information of a user (DOXXING) is not allowed under any circumstance.​
  2. Attempting to gather information on a player outside of the game is not allowed.​
  3. No racism, misogyny, hate crimes/messages or targeting specific groups of people.​
  4. Direct NSFW (not safe for work) messages towards players are not allowed in any circumstances.​
  5. Advertising in any capacity through chat or personal messages with regards to other servers, discords, or personal promotion is not allowed.​
  6. Minimodding, staff impersonation, and modified clients (hacks) are strictly unallowed.​


  1. No inappropriate skins, nicknames, or usernames.​
  2. Any items, builds, or other forms of progress such as money lost due to hacks, rollbacks, server crashes, build removals, or staff demotions will not be refunded under any circumstances.​
  3. Exploiting the server mechanics or any Minecraft game mechanic in any capacity is strictly forbidden.​
  4. Failure to report bugs/exploits to staff, as well as teaching other players the bugs in any capacity is forbidden.​
  5. Inappropriate builds are not allowed in any capacity. Staff have a final say in judging whether or not the build is offensive.​
  6. Alternate accounts (alts) are allowed but players can not have more than 2 alts on at a time.​


  1. Use the correct channel for the specified reason.​
  2. Being obnoxiously loud on purpose in voice channels is not allowed.​
  3. NSFW or any gore related content is not allowed​
  4. Advertising anything other than Crotus is strictly unallowed.​

Again, we’d like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read the official rules for the Crotus network. Have an amazing day, and if you have any questions, please contact a staff member. These rules are subject to change and can be changed at any time for any reason. Players can be punished for any reason under any circumstance.
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